Literature Review

In the following, we’ll review relevant literature.

  • Female Participation in Summer Olympics

    Many attempts have already been made to visualize female participation in the Olympics. The most basic one (Bmallion, 2015) is using tables to display the information about countries with the highest …

    Last updated: Wed Jan 20, 2021

  • Home-field Advantage

    Similar to the attempt at showing female participation, simple and basic tables were utilized to examine the existence of home-field advantage at the Olympics (Pettigrew & Reiche, 2016). See …

    Last updated: Wed Jan 20, 2021

  • Medal Efficiency

    The most straightforward way of measuring a country’s efficiency of earning medals is to count the number of medals per athlete participating. This method was used by Pettigrew and Reiche (2016) in …

    Last updated: Wed Jan 20, 2021

  • Ranking Sports by Number of Athletes

    Dutta (2018) in his Kaggle post visualized the top 10 sports that USA excel by putting 10 boxes vertically with sports winning the most gold medals on top. See Figure 11. Figure 11: Ranking of …

    Last updated: Wed Jan 20, 2021